Change the entire system to give people hope of upward mobiliy

I believe a disabled individual should figure out ways to do tasks independently or more efficiently in their home. Then, take those skills to the workplace. I am an employed disabled quadriplegic with minimal hand functioning. I have seen and used some incredible assistive technology that has enabled me to do something that I previously could not do or the technology made me more time efficient.


But, there is a need for funding these expensive items like this eye tracking system to use a computer.


Individuals on SSDI/SSI can not afford these pricey items on a tiny fixed Social Security income. Disabled individuals have a significantly higher rates of unemployment, underemployment or gave up looking for jobs. Many live off SSDI/SSI. These individuals can get their entire monthly $733 check cut off if they earn $1 over the earning threshold of approximately $1200 a month. Even if they hypothetically received/earned $1933 a month that is still living in poverty.


This SSDI and SSI Social Security Administration System keeps people from working even if they could find a job to get out of poverty.


The solution to SSDI is to slowly wean people off of the SSA System by creating progressive tiers like SSI does but at higher dollar amounts instead of illogical all or nothing SSDI cash benefits.


The system fails most people because it keeps people in poverty incapable of investing in themselves with no hope of upward mobility. Only determined overachievers make it out of this system, which is extremely rare.


This PEAT Project will fail because of the fundamental flaws in the SSA system. Good luck and I hope that I am wrong.


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